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Scene 1:
->Get gem from left side inlet.
->Get ‘S’ shaped metal near right side barrel.
->Get triangle shape on center wall shelf.
->Note ‘GOOD’ word on right side wall bottom shelf.
->Note line clue on right side wall top shelf.
->Hit ladder on center scene get ‘S’ shaped metal.
->Hit 2 triangle shapes down the window get wheel.
->Hit barrel opener on left barrel get wheel and ‘S’ shaped metal.
Scene 2:
->Get ‘S’ shaped metal on left side wall hole.
->Get metal ball on top center wall.
->Get key on right side wall.
->Hit key left inner inlet.Get nail.
->Get diamond from barrel.
->Change the shapes (Noted scene 4)on left inlet get barrel opener and ‘S’ shaped metal.
Scene 3:
->Get hammer on left side.
->Get rope on top arch.
->Click hole on ground hit nail,hammer and rope go into another scene.
->Note 5283 number on barrel at left side wall.
->Hit 2 diamonds on center bottom wall get ‘S’ shaped metal.
->Click center top roof get iron rod.
->Get gem from center inlet.
->Hit all ‘S’ shaped metals on right side inlet Change(Scene 1 line clue)get key.

Scene 4:
->Hit Iron rod on barrel get wheel.
->Get diamond from right side wall.
->Get ladder on left side floor.
->Apply ‘GOOD’ on left side wall get metal ball.
->Note shapes on right side to the barrel.
->Note barchart clue on center wall.
->Hit 4 gems on left side to the rope get ‘S’ shaped metal.

Scene 5:
->Get gem from pot.
->Get ‘S’ shaped metal near the gate.
->Click left side wall shelf get gem.
->Get triangle shape from center shelf.
->change 5283 on right side bottom wall get metal ball.
->Change the line puzzle(barchart clue)right side to center shelf get ‘S’ shaped metal.
->Hit 3 metal balls on right side to main gate and hit 3 wheels and hit hit key…Finally Escape from Grey Castle.

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