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->Apply lizard color dots on Right side puzzle get Diamond.
->Collect fruit on right side bottom.
->Collect beetle on center plant.
->Note Flower number(4) on center scene.
->Apply number and colors of beeles on center puzzle get Diamond.
->Apply bottle numer on left puzzle get Diamond.
->Hit All diamonds on left scene get map paper.
->Note map direction.
->Note Lizard color dots.
->Collect two fruits and bottle on center scene.
->Note Bottle Number.
->Note Flower number(3) on left of the scene.
->Note Flower number(2) on right of the scene.
->Change colors(Noted flowers color)on center puzzle get Diamond.
->Collect beetle on center plant.

->Get fruit from center scene.
->Hit all fruits on left tree get Diamond.
->Note Flower number(1) on yellow flower.
->Collect beetle on center plant.
->Hit all beetles.Note colors and counts.
->Change the direction on right tree get scroll.
->Note scroll Number.
->Apply scroll number on center scene get key.
->Hit key on fence locker get TREASURE and ESCAPE…

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